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Man’s Top Brands : “shoes”

Top brands shoes


Man’s Top Brands : “shoes”

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  1. I must thank you because I think that this article is for me. I am truly a fan of shoes and now when winter is here I must get one for me. I would definitely choose Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe as they looks very nice and comfortable. I especially like it because I can use them for rain and snow.

    • If you choose Moab 2 Men Shoe Hiking Driver think you are right they look very beautiful and comfortable
      Thank you Daniel 

  2. Very nice assortment of shoes.  The prices seem extremely affordable too.  I especially like the dress shoe varieties.  I would welcome a bigger assortment of “slip on” shoes”.  They are very convenient when going in and out of the house in inclimate weather so you don’t track debris inside the house.

  3. Hi, you have a very nice selection of men’s athletic shoes.   I am thinking about purchasing my boyfriend a pair of running shoes for his birthday.    He has recently talked about making running regularly one of his New Years resolutions.   He lives in an area with lots of rough mountain trails.     As a female runner, I know that I like my Nike’s.  Granted, I don’t remember the exact version of Nike’s at the moment since I have not replaced them lately.   

    By any chance can you recommend what type of running shoes that a beginning male runner might like or that I should try to avoid?   If you have personal experience that you can share, all the better.   

    Thanks in advance, 

    • If you like Nike’s I think you are right too!

      Nike’s  athletic shoes are very  beautiful and comfortable.

      Thank you Sondra !

  4. I must say that there is a great variety of mens shoes here. Can you please tell me whether the Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Trainer Cross are good for everyday use? Also the Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe seems to be having a good cushioning system.

    I have bookmarked your site for future reference. Thanks a lot

    • The Lunar Fingertrap men’s men are very good for everyday use. Footwear brands change in system and material and Nike is one of the most sought after brands for the top quality they have.

      Thank you GeeEss !

  5. When I saw top brands shoes, I was hoping to see some classic brands known for highly quality shoes, particularly some classic styles. You know the kind, “shoes to impress.” In the past, I have had bespoke dress shoes. The kind that last 20 years, with a couple of minor repairs along the way. But what I think I was seeing are name-brand shoes. These are fine for ordinary, daily use or for recreation.

    • Now they have changed and shoes are changed more often, they are more comfortable, lighter and are not repaired.
      Even as you used a few years for a kepucepor game now I like to change it often according to the weather.
      These shoe marks offer a special sensation that they are of the highest quality.

      Thank you Glen !

  6. i appreciate the sheer amount of shoes that you have listed here.  Many of them look great and seem to be reasonably priced.  I would have liked to see a little more information for each pair on the site maybe an individual blurb for each pair of shoes.  Other than that good post.

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