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Men’s Walking Shoes from Amazon.com



We know how important comfort is when your feet are your main form of transportation, so Amazon.com offers a wide selection of men’s walking shoes to get your feet feeling great while you get out on the track.



Because you have a unique stride, you want a pair of men’s walking shoes that caters to your foot. When you choose a new shoe, it’s important to consider three things: the profile of the heel, the amount of cushioning, and the degree of flexibility. Lower profile heels tend to provide better shock absorption so you’re not taxing your tendons with every step. Men’s walking shoes generally need less cushioning than running shoes, but do need flexibility and a wide toe box so your feet can bend appropriately.

To help you select these elements in your men’s walking shoes, our handy size and width filters help you narrow your search so you won’t find your feet crammed into too small or too narrow of a fit. And because you want quality and comfort with every footstep, we feature a wealth of brands, including favorites , New Balance, Gravity , and more.

Whether you want to spend an afternoon exploring a new city or just walking to and from the grocery store, your pair of men’s walking shoes should offer comfort as well as coordinate with your garments. Whether you prefer a classic brown leather walking shoe or a white walking shoe with a breathable, lightweight upper, you can use our handy color filter to sort through your preferences. Plus, we offer wallet-friendly price filters and free returns on eligible items in case your selections don’t quite toe the line.

When your feet need a little attention, men’s walking shoes from Amazon.com can provide them with all the comfort and care they need.

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